Edellinen Aloitus Seuraava

Encounters: Envy
(pair of # 12), October 2005, 137 x 58 cm, oil on hardboard, in a private collection in Helsinki



The traditional colour of envy is green, the pervading atmosphere of this painting. Paralyzed by the lies fed into his mind and heart by a power from another realm, the person is sitting passively, as if glued to the ground, eyes burning red with the warmth of getting something that doesn't belong to him, while being hindered by his own passivity from attaining it himself. His inner self, seen here symbolized by the churning spiral in the stomach, is in turmoil. He gives himself a 4, seen under the chair, from the Finnish school rating system 4 -10. That is, while disqualifying himself in this way, he is open to listen to the lies of the Enemy, whose ultimate goal is to put him forever into the red cage shown above. Red eyes staring as if in a trance, there is little hope of recovery, unless Another Voice from Another Realm is heard.