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The Equations of a Gender B(l)ender

Tetratych, September-December 2007, each panel is 204 x 60 cm and they are to be hanged a few centimetres from each other, oil and pastel on canvas, available, but the work has received a request from Athens, Greece


  The tetratych The Equations of a Gender B(l)ender displays my personal journey to solve the equations of a bent sexuality/blended gender. You will find that the work is divided into four panels, which symbolizes the difficulty of finding One Identity - yet the result of the equation should be One Man, as can be seen on the panel furthest to the right. Neither is the equation solved by the 1 = 0, as displayed in the female gender panel, also showing the French exclamation of disbelief/something not possible, Quoi?, What?! The female gender and the male gender stand on the far ends of the scale and are juxtaposed, quotation marks symbolizing artificial unity and a circular movement, chasing each other forever, in vain. In the middle of the two central panels there is an egg, symbolizing the only true fecundity there is, i.e. that between Man and Woman. But the egg seems elusive and hard to find in the painting.
 - In the female gender panel there is large black part symbolizing huge locked subconscious potential whereas in the male gender panel there are large turquoise heads, one with the number seven symbolizing perfection, bursting from the female direction to the male one, leading to the One Man.
Ari Kovero

in Kuusisto, Finland, Dec.23rd, 2008


 Well, I wouldn't be so sure that the yadah-yadah-yadah-explanation by some artist above really explains and exhausts this work. No way! "The works of an artist should always be greater than the artist." (Franz Kafka) - and indeed they always are, in one way or another. - But let the artist talk as he so clearly likes to do...

 However, as far as this work of art is concerned, just see for yourself and let the work work on you.... ;-)

 Ari Kovero

 in Ca´ Covero, Töölö, Helsinki, Finland, on this day the May 29th, 2011, on the Feast of the Icon of the Invigorating Well of the Mother of God - inspired by Kristuksen morsian by Heini Junkkaala