Press Release

Turkey and Chile…
Ecuador and Iran…
Japan and Cyprus…
Finland and Afghanistan…

….what do we have in common?

We the artists from some 40 countries have come together to celebrate our cultures and their crossfertilization – Cultural Fusion, if you like. We want to learn the Dance of the Art of Openness and Transparency – in a world where this skill is crucial to learn as not to lead us into a collision course and a mutual destruction. And we want to invite you, Esteemed Visitor of the exhibition, to join our Dance.
Our exhibition here in the Scientific and Cultural Centre of the Russian Federation is not a long one, only a week, but we have packed in a lot of program into this week.
First, there is the Opening, of course. A great many of the ambassadors of the countries represented here through their art have accepted our invitation and on top of that, we have of course a very interesting and international crowd attending this unique occasion. The exhibition will be inaugurated by a ceremony conducted by Mr Thomas Yellowhair of the Sioux Nation of North America; followed by Fiorella Gonzalez-Vigil Mohme, a celebrated painter and dancer, and Cesar Aguelar, a musician, both from Peru; then a truly unique dance performance by Mr Wayan Sutisna of the exotic island of Bali, Indonesia; the group Pagdiriwang of the Philippines performing thewell-known dances pandanggo sa llaw, tinikling and kappa malong malong; and finally Ms Merzi Rajala and the Soul Irma representing the host country Suomi with some traditional Kalevalaesque vocal folk music with a modern twist. So an unforgettable evening to say the least!

We artists will then get into the practical joy and work of Togetherness in a very Finnish setting. We have booked sightseeing in Helsinki with professional guides. Visits to Ateneum, the Sinebrychoff Museum and Kiasma. Suomenlinna, the Senate Square, the Two Cathedrals. Art discussions, exchanging views - and dinners and parties, of course! There are many languages to be tried and tasted, many new opinions to listen to and even express. In short, apart from the groundbreaking exhibition itself, we are here in Finland to express the Helsinki spirit of openness and transparency and to do our best to make the world a little bit friendlier, a little bit more open and accessible.

The exhibition itself is, of course, one that You, Esteemed Visitor, have to see for yourself. It is like fireworks of highlights from all over the world, many artists being truly celebrated and among the premier ones of their country and even internationally. It is however our spirit within Art Rain (Registered Artists’ International Network, chaired by Mr Matthew C.Thompson of Ireland and Finland), the organizers of this exhibition, that we also want to give young artists an opportunity to show their work alongside the established masters. That is why you will find artists in all kinds of phases in their carreer in our exhibition – something which is unique in an exhibition and expresses our commitment to openness and transparency.

With these words, I wish you all warmly welcome to our exhibition Cultural Fusion – The Art of Openness and Transparency in the Scientific and Cultural Centre of the Russian Federation, Nordenskiöldinkatu 1, 00250 Helsinki. Open 6-12 October 2007, 10-18 daily, Sat-Sun 12-16.

On behalf of Global Art Rain,on this day October 4th, 2007, in Helsinki, Finland:

Ari Kovero, painter, Helsinki
044 360 7278, homepages